About JTG

Journey to Gold LLC is a small group of visionaries dedicated to the development of Tiny House Communities in America.

In these economic times (post 2008) the shape of the American dream is changing.  No longer is the 2500 square foot house with two cars in the driveway the goal.  The objectives of the Tiny House Buyer who is in today’s real estate market is to live free, be mobile and most importantly, be mortgage free.  The emphasis of this lifestyle is quality of life versus the imprisonment of debt and stuff.  These progressive buyers are following and building their dream to the beat of a different drummer.  Therefore, it is our goal to provide a piece of the rock for these new buyers to ‘claim their space’ and fully participate in the celebration of living life on your own terms.   We hope to impart the same spirit of hope and courage to all who want to live a different life of freedom.

A large portion of Tiny House Buyers belong to the Baby Boomer and Millenium Generations….

May we all know the true meaning of personal happiness on our individual JOURNEY TO GOLD.

Live Your Dream.      Feed Your Spirit!!