Ventures With Vision

We are all on a path.  Whether or not we accept it, our current path is one we have chosen for ourselves somewhere along the way.  There comes a time for us all when we experience a definable moment and we make a conscious decision to change our path.   These moments are commonly referred to as “life changing”.  Regardless of what event in life may have brought you to this moment, make no mistake, when it happens there is absolutely nothing common about the moment and the decision(s) you ultimately make from it.  A decision made during this time can take you from living a life of circumstance to living life on your own terms.  These life changing moments that come to us at different places on our journey are considered by some to represent the miracles of life.  We are more likely to recognize and experience these moments as they manifest in our lives if we allow ourselves to be led.  “What do you mean”, you say, “Allow ourselves to be led?”  Somehow we must detach from our ego to live in the flow of life and listen to our heart.  Do not be distracted or deceived by the illusion of what you see around you.  Look beyond your current state, your current reality.  Last but not least, once you have experienced this defining moment you must dig deep for the courage to follow your gut, make a decision, and take action.  There is no such thing as a wrong decision.  An opportunity missed is a miracle lost.  A decision made is a path chosen and a regret unrealized.  Better that than never to experience the dream.

This is the vision we claim and how we define our purpose.  This pathway to freedom is our JOURNEY TO GOLD.